49 thoughts on “Communication Breakdown

  1. I have watched mothers walking with their children, but texting or talking or checking social media. Really? Be present with the people sitting right in front of you. There is always time to connect with your phone later. The world you live via your phone will still be there. They probably didn’t miss you much. Most people are focused on themselves. I’m not a cynic, really. I just observe.


  2. Hi! Just had time to look around more at some of your work and it’s great, I really like it. I like your sense of humor, and undeniably there is a Shel Silverstein/Roald Dahl feel to it but I love that, I love them, and you make it similar, but different. So much here I like, but when you really hit it you are just really talented imo. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Will do. You have great artwork and it can have a definite effect on people. The language of the soul is elicited through emotions, laughter being a key aspect of the positive states. Again, thank you for this post.


  3. Hi. Happy Tuesday. Love this! Thanks for sharing. In humour is found the truth of the state of society today. Have reblogged. Have a wonderful phone-less peaceful day. Best regards. Goff


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